Environmental impact of overpopulation in India

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Mrianl Dutta


Human overpopulation has various effects most of which are negative. The direct negative effects are mainly scarcity of food, scarcity of freshwater, unemployment, poverty, misuse of resources, deforestation etc. Similarly,
there are various indirect effects like an increase in greenhouse gases, cutting hills, ozone layer depletion and global warming which occurs mainly due to human activities. The problem of overpopulation become a serious threat to our own existence and therefore it is a global problem. Developing countries like India, China, Brazil etc are facing tremendous problem due to the increase in the human population. The impacts of overpopulation are not only on the
environment but it also affects the socio-economic condition of these countries. India ranked third in emitting Carbon Di Oxide gas contributing 6.8% of global emission as per world economic forum 2019. Several policies and planning are being used to control population explosion by the government like family planning and reproductive health programmes for women, sterilization of man etc. but no government of India has successfully formulated policies.


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