Utilisation of bio-diversiy product (Areca leaves) for preparation of utensils

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Kirti Chowdhury


With the ever-expanding awareness of biodegradable tableware, exporting Areca leaf plates to build an eco-friendly
the environment is our primary initiative. These plates are excellent substitutes for glassware or plastic ware. The present study makes an effort to understand and know the process of preparation of utensils from the sheath of the areca nut tree and to identify the advantages of areca leaf made utensils compared to plastic made plates. Further, an assessment of the recent trend of export of areca leaf-made utensils along with related aspects and benefits associated with the encouragement of areca industry has been done as part of the study. Findings indicate that Areca leaf made utensils have very high environmental and aesthetic value. However, in spite of having multiple benefits of areca leaf made utensils, it does not occupy a satisfying market position. Promotion of areca industry can help to create employment opportunities for the local people and it indirectly helps to develop craft skills of the local people. Therefore, the present study will help support further research studies and policymaking in this sector that combines both environmental sustainability and rural economy.


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