A history of Jalukbari

Rubaina Sultana


History takes one to its roots and helps reconstruct the past events of places history of places. In this research paper an effort has been made to trace the historical socio- economic, and cultural background of the revenue village of Jalukbari mouza. An attempt has also been made to study and examine how an area which was totally underdeveloped,  covered by forests,  wetlands,  agricultural lands and crematoriums began experiencing urbanization after the establishment of various educational institutions and administrative headquarters, development of transport and communication networks like the construction of highways and bus stands,  and due to starting of some new markets. It is significant to note that the process of urbanization occurring in the area is rapid and this in itself has got its good and bad effects. Modern multiculturalism is the basic character of the place.  The People belonging to the community of Koch,  kumar,  kalita,  kaivarta, Mali have been living here peacefully.  Potter community is one of the most important communities who have witnessed the change of Jalukbari area from a rural one to the urban one. The present paper which is part of an ongoing research work is a micro level history of a place of which many areas have come to be inhabited by people only since last 30 years.


Jalukbari, History, Urbanization

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