Environmental awareness in the vedic period and its present relevance

Subhra Sabhapandit


Environmental degradation is a burning problem of the present time. Healthy environment is necessary to lead a healthy life. In the modern world environment is degraded due to excessive exploitation of natural resources. Mankind is climbing the ladder of success with the help of scientific inventions. But at the same time humans themselves are causing harm to the environment and therefore facing immense problems. Not only the mankind but also other living beings are suffering for the ecological imbalance due to environmental degradation. In the vedic period people were very much environment sensitive. They tried their best for the conservation of environment. The Vedas are full of almost all branches of knowledge. Environmental awareness is also reflected in the Vedas. The present paper aims at highlighting the environmental awareness existed in the vedic period and its relevance at present time.


Environment, Awareness, Vedas

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