Review of green building movement and appraisal of rating systems in Indian context

Sunita Bansal, Sirjit Biswas, S K Singh


Mounting issues of resource scarcities and socio-economic development demands sustainable development in the construction sector. Architecture, Engineering and Construction industry though incohesive, but is undergoing profound transformation by adopting Green Building guidelines. With roughly 17.2% of the world’s total populace and an urban populace of 372 million (bigger than the whole US populace), India faces mammoth task.  India has two programs: LEED-India and GRIHA which are in their nascent stages and need to be appraised. This study presents a brief background of Green Building evolution and an objective summary of LEED-India and GRIHA mapped to proven rating tools US-LEED and BREEAM. It also examines how structural impacts are addressed and how structural engineers, as being one of the stakeholders of Integrated Design Team, can contribute to assessments through sustainable construction. In the end, the probable criterions to be included in the GBRS for the sustainability of structure design are also discussed.


US-LEED, BREEAM, GRIHA, LEED-India, Sustainable Structure design

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