Home in Agha Shahid Ali’s ‘Postcard from Kashmir’

Jonali Chowdhury Bora


Agha Shahid Ali’s poem, “Postcard from Kashmir” is a poignant reflection of his love and attachment for his homeland, Kashmir. The poet, Agha Shahid Ali left his homeland Kashmir, to live in the United States of America. Although he lived in the adopted land America, he remained deeply attached to his homeland Kashmir. This poem we note, not only describes the joys but also a sense of nostalgia and a sense of loss when he receives a postcard from Kashmir and reflects about his homeland. Hence, through this paper what we seek to argue is that even if an immigrant goes and settles in America, the love for his or her homeland persists and refuses to die down. The diaspora subject, we note, in such a scenario emerges as a transnational subject who lives in the adopted land, America and at the same time also remains attached and maintains close emotional ties with the homeland, Kashmir.


Immigrant, home, adopted land, longing, loss, memory, return, nostalgia, transnational

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