Current status, distribution pattern and associations of Sandalwood (Santalum album) in Pyuthan district of Nepal

Krishna Bahadur KC


Most of Sandalwood species occur in East Asia, Australia and South Asia including India, Sri Lanka and Nepal at the foot hills of the Himalayas. The Sandalwood is apparently confined to the elevation below 1200 m. and is exotic species for Nepal. There is one species Santalum album in Nepal which is cultivated in private lands and found in KanyaKurmari Community Forest in pyuthan district of Nepal. But its distribution is not sufficiently known. So, the research entitled “Status and Distribution of S. album” was carried in Pyuthan district of Nepal with the objective to assess the status, distribution and associate species and explore the value of this species to the rural livelihood. Data were collected from both primary and secondary sources. Primarily sources include Rapid vegetation assessment and GIS mapping for the assessment of status and distribution of S. album. Secondary data were collected through different published and unpublished documents. Collected data were analyzed using statistical tools and computer software. The research gave the natural status, distribution and better associate species of sandal wood in Pyuthan district. This species is distributed in Pyuthan Municipality ward number 10 and 11. This research gave the associated and preferred species for the development of S. album. Regeneration of species of study area is uniformly distributed. Raju and Nundhiki are good associated species of S. album. The government should initiate its management and cultivation in Community Forest and Private land. The awareness and cooperation with stakeholders is recommended for the betterment of livelihood.


Santalum album, association, values, plantation, natural regeneration, Nepal

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